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~@ngel's thoughts~

~Being TOO Sane Can Cause Insanity~

21 February 1975
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~I have 2 beautiful kids, Noel 21 & Mason 16, 2 Grandkids, Jaylynn 3 & Brayden born January 5, 2012, & a wonderful husband, Jason, that I have no clue how he's tolerated me over the years. I have been referred to as "different" or "strange" all my life. I live simple. It's the only way I can hold on to what little sanity I have remaining. There's been a black cloud following me my entire life, but I'm gradually learning to embrace it. I enjoy meeting the "Strange" & "Unusual" & learning new things! I'm a HUGE Blue October fan! Justin's words are so beautifully & honestly written. I'm a human being with many emotions, feelings, & moods...in other words, bipolar! I loved the band long before I learned Justin also has a mood disorder~